April 9, 2013

If I missed anything, please let me know! This was a big release.

  • Controllers must now also be generated to use the default API (they can be empty)
  • Haml template support on back-end for new projects (thanks @dcbartlett)
  • default values in models (defaultsTo)
  • Chained policies fixed
  • Removed all reference to blueprints as “scaffolds”. Blueprints are more than temporary placeholders— they are the preferred method of serving an API from your app.
  • Refactored most of the code base
  • Removed CRUD synonyms
  • Main: Compatibility with Node v0.10.0 (patches node-dirty)
  • Main: Fixed crash that happened when absolute path was given as appPath
  • Assets: Added more logging features for less.
  • Assets: Reset.css now in mixins
  • Assets: Less assets are deligated to Rack.LessAsset
  • Assets: Less assets served from asset-rack will have their extensions changed to css
  • Policies: Implemented the controller syntax for defining a policy.
  • Naming: scaffolds is now known as blueprints
  • Naming: blueprints is now known as boilerplates
  • Routing: Added controller.action syntax
  • Routing: Removed CRUD Synonyms— now you must explicitly use find, findAll, create, destroy, update (cant use get,detail, delete, edit, etc. to indicate the same thing. Turns out this was actually annoying, not helpful)
  • Routing: Fix in API blueprint for regression around PUT/DELETE automatic RESTful routes
  • Routing: Fix for resourceful routing. /model/[id] didn’t work with verbs. Does now.
  • Config: _ and async no longer have to be global (but they are by default) They are configurable with sails.config.globals._ and sails.config.globals.async (thanks @particlebanana!)
  • New sails project can now be created in the current dir with sails new . (thanks @collinwren!)
  • More tests (thanks @collinwren and @benrudolph)
  • Travis CI integration (thanks @collinwren!)